How to execute an export

Once you have created an export definition in apimoon, the way the export is triggered depends on the export type you selected: manual or scheduled. If you chose the manual export type: After creating the export definition, you need to manually initiate the export process. This means you have control over when the export will start, and you can execute it at any time that suits your needs. You can manually start an export by clicking on Run button on Exports page or on an export detail page. If the Run button is disabled it means that an export is a draft.


If you selected the scheduled export type: The export will automatically start based on the schedule you defined during the export setup. Apimoon will initiate the export at the specified time, on the designated day(s) of the week, and within the selected timezone.

By selecting the appropriate export type, you can either trigger the export manually or let apimoon handle the scheduling and initiation process for you. This flexibility ensures that you have full control over when and how your data exports are performed within the apimoon automated data platform.