Manual or Scheduled Types

When creating an export definition in apimoon, you have the flexibility to choose between two export types: manual and scheduled. Each type offers distinct advantages to suit your specific requirements.

Please note that you have the flexibility to change the type (manual or scheduled) at any time within apimoon. If you initially set up a manual export and later decide to switch to a scheduled export, or vice versa, you can easily modify the export type in your export definition settings.

Manual or scheduled options

1. Manual Export

  1. With manual export, the export process needs to be initiated manually by the user.
  2. Ideal for one-time or ad-hoc data exports that do not require regular scheduling.
  3. Provides control over the exact timing of the export.

2. Scheduled Export

  1. Scheduled export allows you to automate the export process on a predefined schedule.
  2. Specify the specific time, day of the week, and timezone for the export to occur.
  3. Perfect for recurring data exports that need to be performed at regular intervals.
  4. Saves time and effort by eliminating the need for manual initiation.

By offering both manual and scheduled export options, apimoon enables you to choose the export type that best suits your data management and automation needs. Whether you prefer on-demand exports or automated, scheduled exports, apimoon empowers you to streamline your data export processes efficiently.