Manage exports

This documentation provides a walkthrough of the Exports section within the system. The Exports section allows users to view, manage, and configure various exports for data integration and management purposes. By accessing this section, users can gain visibility into the existing exports and perform necessary actions to modify or create new exports.

In the Exports section, users can perform various actions to manage exports. These actions may include:

1. View existing exports


2. Creating New Export

Users can typically find an option to create new exports within the Exports section. By clicking on the "New export", users can configure a new export by providing the necessary details.

3. Editing exports

Users can select a specific export from the list and choose the "Edit" option to modify the export's settings. This allows users to update export details as needed.

4. Start export

Users can select a specific export from the list and Run it immediately if needed.

5. Deleting exports

If a export is no longer required, users can select the export and initiate the deletion process. This removes the export from the system and any associated data.